D Guarantee: Peter Kruder presents VOOMVOOM @ King King - Plus: Album reviews for 'Peng Peng' and Dorfmeister's 'Grand Slam'

D Guarantee: Peter Kruder presents VOOMVOOM @ King King – Plus: Album reviews for ‘Peng Peng’ and Dorfmeister’s ‘Grand Slam’

KruderHey what do you know… another mucho anticipated show at King King this Friday? This week we have Voom VoomPeter Kruder of ‘Kruder & Dorfmeister’ alongside Christian Prommer & Roland Appel of ‘Fauna and Flash’. Now imagine trying to say that in German… This Austrian/German combo’s album and live incarnation are proof positive that “dance music hasn’t hit a creative cul-de-sac…brimming with ideas, joy, warmth and an incredible smile”. ‘Voom Voom’s album Peng Peng’ is absolutely contagious and stands to be one of this year’s top of the table releases. I can vouch that the album demands not only ‘dancefloor’ attention but has sweet and sexy grooves for the bedroom. Come to think of it this sounds a lot like Peanut butter and Chocolate doesn’t it? Two great things coming together. Damn, the floor is going to be movin. Ladies, get out your clean sheets and candles because Friday night we are ALL going to be getting lucky!

VoomVoomOk. I know what you’re saying to yourself…slow down there tiger you have to last longer than your personal best of 2 minutes if you want to finish this article. Let the blood flow back to your little brain and focus! Alright, ‘Peng Peng’ is warmed by an obvious friendship between its collaborators. Rich production and a special blend of ‘Detroit techno, deep house, fractured funk, soothing ambient, intelligent dance music, hedonistic house… all can be found, locked deep in Peng Peng’s grooves’. A solid album with this type of deep intelligence makes it hard to call out specifics, but ‘All I Need’ has an orchestric transition to textured electronic techno sequence that completely blows my mind the harder I listen. ‘Best Friend’ has soft luscious keys floating over hand claps and a classic disco groove. My bet is we will all be hugging each other for this one…leave the L.A. attitude at home this Friday.

Note: Fauna and Flash are also going to be rocking the Getty for a ’sun-set’…
Time: 6:00–9:00 p.m.
Location: Getty Center, Museum Courtyard
Admission: Free; no reservations required

GrandSlamSo it seemed pretty clear that Voom Voom’s album ‘Peng Peng’ might be the most amazing piece of deep electronic house music you’re going to hear for…well until the next album review by yours truly is probably a little fairer. But now I’m really going to complicate shit with the otherside of the equation…Dorfmeister. K&D’s label ‘G-stone’ has just released ‘Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austrias – Grand Slam’. TIP! Summer jam’s abound with Latin grooves and fat rauncy baselines flying at you from all angles. Reworked classics, new funky and tight production, remixes of zero 7 and Groove Armada… Just thank me later. I have to rest up for this weekend.