Hairycopter, Hairycopter, over my head

paper magCrammed into Rudy’s Barbershop Thursday were the throngs of Paper Magazine patrons who were celebrating how much we love LA…which I guess is very LA in itself. There were promises of booze, music, makeup, and more hipsters than the eye can see. And did they deliver.

At the entrance of Rudy’s was an ice cream truck filled with candy, ice cream, and MAC cosmetics. The truck was manned by a troupe of ennui laden MAC girls who doled out the sweets. I asked if they had anymore ice cream, no. I asked what kind of makeup they had, I got an eye roll and a heavy sigh while she gestured to the Lusterglass. Ok, well can I have a Blueberry Airhead? She tosses one my way just to get my ugly mug out of the window. I love LA!

paper magAfter passing the doorman and guest list we were greeted to the boom of music, a line that snaked to China for the free booze, and about every asymmetrical haircut you could think of. Want to have your head shaved on one side and a crimped ponytale coming outta your side burns? You got it! Of course, the hair theme was leading up to the main event: Hair Wars. Coming out of Detroit, Hair Wars was a showcase of talent for various stylists displaying their hair creations. There was the tried and true Hairy-copter, but there were many other original styles, one of which can only be described as a mash-up between Peggy Bundy and Cousin It. Fabulous!

After spending about 5 min trying to find the actual end of the booze line, my party and I decided to forgo the free and take in a tropical drink at Tiki Ti next door. I dare any one of you to recount a bad or ho-hum experience from Tiki Ti as it just isn’t possible. Eastsider tip #256: after putting your name in at Rudy’s for a cut on a Saturday afternoon head to Tiki Ti to while away the 2-3 hour wait. By the time your name is called you won’t be able to hold your head up straight, which will give you the perfect asymmetrical hipster haircut every single time.

At night’s end I suppose everyone agreed that we still Love LA. Mission accomplished. Congratulations Paper Magazine for reaffirming that free booze, attitude, and interesting/questionable fashion sense are still our stock and trade.