Mathew Dear aka Audion @ King King this Friday

I’ve been out-of-pocket after too many post Dub Club street-meat excursions….but I’m finally back making sure our loyal readers out there are not only well humored by our witty horseplay but informed on some of the best all-nightly happenings. Artists continually try to hide behind pseudonyms and alter egos but rest assured that we here at ‘losanjealous’ are on the job…abet part-time… Detroit inspired producer Mathew Dear (aka. Audion) is state-side at King King this Friday night. I could go on and on using words like innovator, luminary and shit like that. Just make sure you check it. I’ve never gotten the chance to give props to LA techno ultra stalwarts Droidbehaviour either but this Saturday night they present Prototype 909 for some hardcore old-school synth madness Believe it.. This weekend is going to be brilliant and finish it off by curling up and watching the Oscars on Sunday…checking into rehab with Britney on Monday…’t!