Aziz Ansari Reviews Sushi Roku

’sushiDuring one of several appearances at SXSW, comedian Aziz Ansari read from his Blackberry a
review of the WeHo Sushi Roku he posted a few months ago on Citysearch:

Sushi Roku? More like Sushi NO-ku…
Posted by jtl208 on 09/18/2006

Let me start this off by saying I signed up for CitySearch just to get the word out on Roku. I went to Sushi Roku this Sunday night with some friends and we all opted for their pricey omakase, expecting to get our money’s worth. Our bill was $110 each at the end of the night (w/tip, tax, drink, etc.) and we were not pleased. The sashimi was decent, but there simply wasn’t enough mind blowing food to justify the price tag. For the final sushi course, our center piece roll was a fairly standard Shrimp Tempura roll. I wanted to throw my leftover edamame shells at the chef, how insulting. To top it off, my friends and I planned on catching a 10:40 showing of “Crank” at the Grove, and we missed it, for sushi that was mediocre at best. Has anyone seen “Crank”? I hear its pretty crazy. Probably not as crazy as how overpriced Sushi Roku is though. I’d recommend hitting up Katsu-Ya in Studio City, that place is much cheaper and 50x more delicious. You’ll want to call in a bomb squad, because there will be multiple taste explosions in your mouth.

  • Pros: Close to my house
  • Cons: Overpriced, Missed “Crank”
  • Overall user rating: Not Recommended

Note to Aziz: next time try the omakase at Sushi Zo in Palms.