Voxtrot @ the El Rey, 5/29/07

Voxtrot returned to LA to play the El Rey last Tuesday with a fresh catalog of songs off their newly released album, the brilliantly named “Voxtrot”. With the excitement of their big label debut and the chance to play to a larger audience of disaffected Asian youth,
Ramesh and the gang rose to the occasion. Never a band to perform long sets, they played 50 minutes of new songs mixed with old favorites off their older EP’s. Closing the show, Ramesh took the stage armed with an acoustic guitar and played a version of “The Future”, my personal favorite off the new record. It was a solid show from the Austin natives in support of a new album that most likely will continue to grow on me until the next round of songs. Keep it coming, Voxtrot.

Unfortunately the man prevented me from taking pics stageside so I resorted to shooting video. Enjoy this full version of “Mothers, Sisters, Daughters and Wives”.