’CANADIANLOSANJEALOUS (Losanjealous) :: Losanjealous is in immediate need of one half-dozen Southern California-Canadian bloggers for an undisclosed project. If you, your father, your grandfather, your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, your uncle, one of your nieces, your cousin or your neighbor hails from Canada as an active blogger based in Southern California, we’d like to talk to you/him/her.

This opportunity is ideal for Canadiandidates who enjoy seeing the results of their creative work as much as they enjoy the creative process. The ideal Canadiandidates are self-motivated and productive; individuals who continually seek to expand their California-Canadian skillsets; desire a team atmosphere, and enjoy a fast-paced and rewarding work experience.

  • Canadiandidates are expected to adhere to Losanjealous style gude and be familiar with HTML.
  • Specifically tables.
  • Canadiandidates must be familiar with expense reports.
  • Applicanadians should be ok with being referred to as being a part of “the sixpack.”

Special Notice To Los Angeles-Based Canadians With Canada Day Hangovers Today: It is no secret you are sleeping in a puddle of drool on your couch at present, taking the day off from work and pretending the United States acknowledges your country’s holiday. Please, wake up and apply now to: ryan [at]

Postscript Note to The D
: You are disqualified as you are currently still on staff roster