The Baseman Cometh

Brief heads up: Gary Baseman solo opening @ Billy Shire this Saturday from 7 to 10pm. This will be his first solo show in Los Angeles in at least two years. If you like the artwork found on the Cranium board game (which is CHIFF, lest we forget)…if you have a penchant for creepy cherubs in blazing pink technicolor…if you have a thing for cartoony naked devil ladies, small intestines or any of the other subjects he regularly tackles with aplomb…plan accordingly.

From the press release:

July 14 – August 11, 2007
“Hide and Seek in the Forest of ChouChou”
New Paintings
By Gary Baseman

A new breed of creature has been born into the increasingly surreal mindscape of much-renowned and oft-imitated Pervasive artist Gary Baseman: ChouChou. The latest addition to the Baseman mythos, a cuddly cushion of unconditional love, who, according to the artist himself, “takes all one’s negative energy and hate away by secreting ’creamy gooey love’ out of his belly button.” Although the ChouChous give love without demand, they do indeed benefit from reciprocation. There has to be some reward for taking on all of the bad karma. As Baseman explains, “After the ChouChous secrete their creamy goodness, their bodies melt; only the head is left. If they are kissed by one of the girls, their bodies regenerate and they can perform again. If they don’t get kissed, their heads dry out and all that remains is a skull.”

More info @ the Billy Shire website.