Sunset Junction 2007: The Pity Party

Heisenflei, the cool-as-a-cucumber redhead of the duo The Pity Party is fully reclined in a chair as she sips a mojito at Malo. TPP have been receiving so much positive heat lately that they could melt grandma’s fillings. They recently played what is known in some circles as a catalyst into indie stardom; Sunset Junction. Barring the technical difficulties, the show was pretty good, however Heisenflei had some other opinions.

Shane: So, how do you feel about the show?

Heisenflei: Absolutely horrified.

S: Wow, that’s quite a response. Was it that bad?

H: Well, about 3/4 into our opening number, YR Life=Nice, Maurice’s pedal died.

S: That sucks, how did you guys recover?

H: I tried to fill time with motivational speaking and bad jokes.

S: I think you succeeded, I don’t think anyone even noticed the delay. How did Maurice deal with the delay?

H: He threw the pedal at the audience in frustration.

S: Maurice sounds like an intense guy.

H: We both were so intensely focused on kicking ass at Sunset Junction, that when everything started to go wrong there was a heightened rage quotient.

S: How did you prepare for the show?

H: Well, since it was a special occasion I busted out my eye tapes.

S: Eye tapes?

H: Yeah, I have them shipped from Hong Kong.

S: How exotic.

H: I felt it was right for the occasion.

S: So when is your next show?
H: [Tonight] actually, at Jensen’s Recreation Center for the Earlimart record release. We go on at 8:30. Sharp.

S: Swank, will you be wearing your eye tape?

H: Yeah. Earlimart’s worth it..

More photos to come – ed