Arcade Fire & LCD @ The Bowl: Win Tickets (Soon)

’arcadePrepare Thyselves For The Arcade Fire Cometh. (Again.)

What could possibly be a more perfect way to usher in autumn than a pairing of James Murphy’s LCD Soundsystem [review] and the Arcade Fire [photologue] at the mighty Hollywood Bowl? They’re up against the New Pornographers, Clap Your Hands (night three) and Damien Rice the same night but the bowl is, after all, “The Bowl” and this billing is flat-out ridiculous at the end of the day.

As you might expect and as the equation above indicates, we’ve got your back on this one. Look for your free ticket entry instructions in this coming Monday’s concert calendar. Better yet, subscribe to our mailing list and get it delivered to your inbox before it appears online. We host an inordinate amount of concert giveaways out of the Sandalwood Conference Room here at the Marina Del Rey Courtyard Marriott. We’ve never sent anyone to a show we didn’t personally condone and this one is, naturally, no exception.

This is also a very opportune time to inform you that tickets are still available. Not feeling lucky? Purchase tickets now. See you there.