Five Minutes With Mellowdrone

As noted in this week’s calendar, Mellowdrone returns to LA for an early gig at the Echo Saturday. Doors are at 6p and the show will be over by 10pm, meaning a trouper could conceivably leave the Echo and still have time to catch something like oh, say, Les Savy Fav @ El Rey. (Add two more concerts and it begins to sound like a schedule Sung would attempt. I said it.)

We asked the band to throw some words our way from the road last week; lead ’drone Jonathan Bates offered this missive straight from the van Friday prior (12/7)…

’mellowdroneLike, OK my Gosh. It’s like a trip to San Francisco. we’re playing a show there tonight. i think today is friday.
Tony made some mix CDs for the drive. We got Wax Taylor, The Flying Burrito Brothers and some Merle Haggard. Brian brought Chic Korea, Judas Priest, Phil Collins, and Dr. Dre’s The Chronic. I brought me ipod and a charango to write songs about Brian with. According to Wikipedia:

“The charango is a small South American stringed instrument of the lute family, about 66 cm long, traditionally made with the shell of the back of an armadillo (not to be confused with a Cuban style of music called “charanga“). It typically has 10 strings in five courses of 2 strings each, although other variations exist.”

’mellowdroneMy charango does not have any armadillo in it. Wouldnt want that kind of karma. I sometimes write songs about the people pumping their gas when were filling up. If i saw me, id say to myself: “whys that asshole playing that miniature guitar?” Then I’d tell myself to go fuck myself and continue pumping gas. Im a fan of songs. Not so much bands but the songs they write. I love studying and playing them and having a miniature guitar helps kill hours. And any cool points with anyone in earshot.

Its like 55 degrees outside and shit is sunny. Lucky sunny. Like babies are being conceived right now sunny. Shit is alright because we are going to In & Out.

We’re playing the echo in our neighborhood next week. Stoked on that cause its a family affair and parking is easy on the eastside. I fucking hate how bad it is to park at venues in LA but The Echo hooks it up. Plus i can grab a taco and walk home after. Like Rome had paved roads, aqueducts and plumbing, Los Angeles has Mexican food. Thank you, God. Shit is cool.

Catch Mellowdrone Saturday @ Echo. Doors at 6.

iPhotos by Celeste Tabora