Reader Picks: Your Favorite Concert, 2007

’LosanjealousIf you read this site regularly, you know by now that we do things a little differently around here. So in lieu of lambasting you with a bunch of top 10 best-of editorial lists you probably don’t want to read any more than we want to write, we’re throwing the ball into your court as the year draws to a close – this is after all a community, like it or not – and we want to find out what you we collectively dug in 2007. Let’s begin with a natural topic: concerts.

UPDATE, 1/02/08:
Polls closed; results now online.

Don’t see your fave on the list? Add a concert to the list using ’Add An Answer’ if it’s not already there, so others can vote on your choice. Elaborate on your choices in the comments when necessary, and lobby others for their votes.

Refresh by clicking ’VOTE AGAIN’ and vote as many times as you like; if you go to that much trouble to champion your cause, chances are good you mean what you say. We won’t tell a soul you’re stuffing the ballot box.

I’ve started things by putting two of my own favorites on the list: LCD Soundsystem at the El Rey and the Flaming Lips poolside at the Palms Casino in Vegas – for me, both transcended the norm.

If this format works, you’ll soon be asked for more picks from various contributors in the weeks to come. At the end of it, we’ll have a comprehensive collection entitled Losanjealous Reader Picks: 2007 Edition suitable for binding in fine Berkshire leather.

NB: Reader picks are centered around but not limited to Los Angeles per se. Manila readers feel free to add your favorite gigs at Hobbit House for this entry.