Reader Picks: A Few Answers To The Questions You Have Not Posed

’faq’It’s going to be a long day, any way you slice it. We have an inordinate number of reader polls to shove your direction. But first, a bit of additional information regarding these polls you’ve all been an integral part of…

How long will the polls stay open?
All polls will be open through December 28. We will compile the results through the weekend with the assistance of Mailbot 6000, and post the official results at the end of the year – most likely, on December 31.

Who’s Mailbot 6000?
A more pressing question might be how you apparently managed to ask a question about the FAQ inside the FAQ itself. That said, Mailbot 6000 is a good-for-nothing, lying, rusty, lieabout junked-up piece of garbage, but he does work for us. Look at him over there now, pecking at the keyboard with his shitty little claws. If you’ve ever received a concert calendar from Losanjealous in your inbox, Mailbot 6000 played a part in the delivery.

Why is Muse listed in the best concert poll 45 times?
Muse fans across the globe are championing their cause in that particular poll, and power to them. The “Muse vs Daft Punk” faceoff is escalating to a serious boil at present.

Ok. But why is Muse at (blank) listed individually four times by itself?

Duplicate selections will be compiled into single entries when all of the polls close. For now, vote for your favorite duplicate (or vote for all of them).

Will there be a poll for best commenter? Best article? Best rock photo essay? Best press release? Why haven’t you included a poll for best (blank)?

If you have a suggestion, mail it to today for evaluation. Beyond that you’ll have to wait and see. Get out the vote!