Vowelless Band Name Watch: PWRFL POWER


PWRFL Power @ OPEN, Long Beach (Matinee show) Sun 3/16
PWRFL Power @ pehrspace Sun 3/16
PWRFL Power @ Relax Bar Mon 3/17

With the lupine-derived indie band nomenclature trend hopefully sailing off into the sunset in 2008 (Attn. Sea Wolf: You’re the last one on the bandwagon, it is your duty to kick off any hop-ons), we are perhaps on the cusp of the latest trend of band names that drop vowels.

Following–at least halfway–in the path of the MSTRKRFTs and MGMTs of the world of disemvowelled monikers, comes PWRFL Power, a.k.a., Kazutaka Nomura, a unique Japanese singer-songwriter. His self-titled record is released March 4 and he is set to play around town March 16 & 17.

Accompanying himself with some fairly nimble guitar noodling, Kaz’s songs are based around everyday topics, sung in English in a delicate talk-sing that is as endearing as it is humorous. Take for example, the lyrics to “Let Me Teach You How To Hold Chopsticks,” which streams at his MySpace page:

Let me teach you how to hold chopsticks
Let me teach you how to hold chopsticks
You’re so pretty
And holding them wrong
You’re so pretty
But holding them wrong
It cracks me so bad now,
I can’t read now

My dad used to beat me up because I was holding them wrong
And I don’t want to beat you up because you’re so pretty

I’m not saying it won’t take a couple of listens. But the charm will reveal itself. Performing live, my guess is he will draw laughs from his crowd, but they will be of the good natured variety, laughs with, not at him.


It’s Okay (MP3)
Alma Song (MP3)