DaftPunkGate ’08: Was That Really Daft Punk With Kanye at the Grammys?

Though there’s no evidence to suggest otherwise, and certainly their press reps are trumpting it as a bonified appearance, but can we ever know for certain that was really Thomas & Guy-Manuel performing “Stronger” with Kanye last night at Staples Center?

Or have Daft Punk become like the Blue Man Group with an army of anonymous helmetted avatars they send in their stead for brief international appearances?

Or does any of this even matter?

Let the conspiracy theories begin (and end) here.


Foos with strings, doing “The Pretender” in the damn Staples parking lot, John Paul Jones conducting, Ann Marie Calhoun on violin. (What, was Petra Haden unavailable to play the part she layed down on the actual LP recording?) Impressive production for sure, but I still don’t like this song.

Ryan favorite Feist does “1234”, or, as it’s probably known to 95% of those actually watching the Grammys on CBS on a Sunday night, “That Song from the iPod Commercial.”