Today In Rumors: Black Crowes Definitely Not Playing Spaceland March 18; “Wyld Stallyons” To Play

The Black Crowes are all over the news these days, thanks to Maxim’s botched fauxreview of their new album Warpaint (refer to results 1 – 10 of about 135,000 for maxim black crowes). Unfortunately for the Crowes, said coverage comes in lieu of any legitimate review of the new album itself. Still, no press is bad press. And while we’re on the topic of screwy reviews by paper-dependent publications, why is it that Rolling Stone claims this review of the same album, which I am reading right now on February 28, will have been “Posted: March 6, 2008” ?!

The Brothers Robinson will hit the west coast immediately following South by Southwest[update: it has been brought to my attention that the SXSW gig is apparently cancelled; that said, SXSW always holds some nutty surprises]: March 19th they’ll be at the Fillmore in San Fran; March 20 will find them at the Avalon. Before those dates, however, March 18 looks wide open and eerily west-coasty. So when KROQ subtly announces a sale for a $20 March 18 show at our very own Spaceland for a band called “Wyld Stallyons” (conspicuously absent from Spaceland’s calendar and KROQ’s own calendar, no less), we have no choice but to call – yet again- on the services of our formidable research department, asking them to put on their analyst goggles and venture a best guess. They’re still researching the possibilities at present, but know this for now: Though the Crowes’ new album Warpaint features – get this – wild stallions on the cover, the band is currently not listed to play Spaceland on March 18, so you did not hear that they will be playing Spaceland here, at this time.

(n/b DJ BUDGIE: We Do Not Believe You Bought Panic At The Disco Tickets.)

» What the hell is this nonrefundable concert?? Buy it. Roll the dice. Find out.