SXSW ’08 Exclusive: Rachael Ray’s BBQ, Husband’s Band


1) Rachael Ray’s party had the best food, hands down and, of course, like all day parties, it was free.
2) The line was fairly long–up to an hour.
3) Notable bands in lineup included The Raveonettes and The Stills.
4) Unfortunately, it also included her husband’s (a lawyer by day) band, aptly named The Cringe.


The now-legendary Rachael Ray SXSW 2008 BBQ Menu:

– Seven-Layer Mini Beef Sliders
– Baby Back Pork Ribs w/ Apricot Jelly BBQ Glaze*
– Vegeterian Mac ’n Cheese Suizas
– Bourbon-Orange Skillet BBQ Chicken w/ Cornbread Topper

*Sung’s fav