Weekend To-Do List

Weekend To-Do List

losanjealous benevolent societyMysterious, sporadic, occasionally cryptic – not unlike your neighbor’s cat – the Losanjealous Benevolent Society compiles strange happenings and fun events in LA; the more bizarre, the better. If you’re organizing or know of an event you think belongs on the list, send the info to tips@losanjealous.com.


Beer, Bloggers & Cupcakes @ Farmer’s Market
Join the Metblogs crew and POWNCE at high noon for free food and drink (while it lasts); stick around to talk shop.

Ambient Music + Total Darkness @ Betalevel
The audio portion of this 47 minute performance will be documented for the Akashic Recordings (durations/dedications) series. The visual portion of this performance will not be documented. Because it will be Dark! There would be no point!! … Seating at 8:30. Darkness promptly at 9. If you arrive after the commencement of Darkness, please be aware that you will be confronted… with Darkness!!

SUNDAY (Easter Evening)

Vosotros CD Release Party @ FOUND
Vosotros is a music project/label spawned by Gabe Noel and John Gillilan. For the past year they’ve assembled friends & bands, once a month, into a Little Tokyo venue for a project dubbed “The Lazy Susan”, the idea being that if you bring three or four disparate artists into one venue for one night, you get a sort of Lazy Susan effect. Got it? Got it. Sunday’s listening party features a CD based on Gabe’s own monthly collaborations. The project is thoughtfully packaged in biodegradable material and rests easy on your ears while still challenging them. (Read: KPFK ready.) Sunday, 1903 Hyperion Ave in the ’Lake; 7pm.