Coachella Checkpoint Queue Concept: Consider Cabazon 'Creation Conondrum' Coloring Book

Coachella Checkpoint Queue Concept: Consider Cabazon ‘Creation Conondrum’ Coloring Book

Mr. Rex
Our thanks to everyone who turned out to Casino Morongo last weekend, making the party what it was. While in the area I snapped a few photos of the legendary beasts of Cabazon before venturing home Sunday, tail between legs.

As you sully forth to Coachella mere weeks from today, be sure to wave to Dinny and Mr. Rex in Cabazon some 20 miles west of your final destination. Better still, park the car and stock up for the impending Coachella security line. The legendary beasts are currently being used to teach children that dinosaurs are only a few thousand years old, but don’t let that stop you from entering the door in Dinny’s tail, plodding up the stairs to the propaganda-laden gift shop and eventually buying a few creationist coloring books – essential and ideal for filling that small portion of your life you will lose in the massive Indio queue. Don’t forget Crayolas, and remember: By Design, Not By Chance.

» Cabazon Dinosaurs (official site) (wiki) (LAT) (previously on LJ)

Bonus! After the jump, Dinny ponders creationism silently

Dinny ponders