Mötley Crüe Annöünce Crüe Fest '08, Saints of Lös Angeles

Mötley Crüe Annöünce Crüe Fest ’08, Saints of Lös Angeles

The original Mötley Crüe lineup unleash the 2 month Crüe Fest tour on North America, kickstarting July 1 in West Palm Beach, FL. The tour makes its Greater LA area stop out at the Glen Helen Pavillion on August 2. The Citi Cards preferred seats tickets presale is on now:

Motley Crue (Crue Fest) @ Glen Helen Pavilion Sat 8/2

What’s the over/under that this tour makes it intact to the end without incident? If the likes of Van Halen and Velvet Revolver can’t avoid bumps on the road, I’m thinking a Crüe roadshow has at least a 50/50 a chance of implosion by week two. To be honest, some part of me would be disappointed if it all went smoothly.

If that wasn’t enough, The Crüe also announced Saints of Los Angeles, which is both the title of their new single and album due out on June 15. By the sound of it, the record is set to take its place alongside the likes of X’s Los Angeles as yet another rock testament to our fine city, which is, of course, the birthplace of The Crüe. At the very least, let’s hope Seventh Veil gets its long overdue follow-up namecheck on the new LP.

You can hear the single in its entirety here. Here are the lyrics in chorus hook so you can sing along, preferably pumping fingerless leather glove-clad fists:

We are, we are the saints
We signed our life away (signed our life away)
Doesn’t matter what you think
We’re gonna do it anyway

We are, we are the saints
One day you will confess
And pray… to the saints of Los Angeles