Mudcrutch Gig #2 Reviews (Santa Cruz)

’mudcrutch’Tom Petty’s Mudcrutch sold out six nights at the Troubadour in record time a couple weeks back. Did you buy your tickets as advised? If so, are you now wondering what to expect? (Who isn’t? Will he play any Heartbreakers numbers? Will he play Free Fallin’? … and so forth.) Rest easy; the San Jose Mercury News has an early review up for your perusal:

By the time they launched into Dylan’s “Most Likely You Go Your Way (and I’ll Go Mine),” the band was firing on all cylinders, and a powerful version of the Byrds’ “Lover of the Bayou” played to the band’s strengths perfectly.

Youtube footage of that Byrds song can be found here. Sounds (and looks) like a good time. Couple more reviews you might check out: this one at the fan forum (note: this review contains notes about eating waffles for dinner) and a lukewarm writeup over at MediaNews.
Myself, I’ll be at the gig this Saturday up in Santa Barbara. If you make it up the coast, look for the guy in very dark sunglasses (note: not on stage).

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