BREAKING: Morrissey Did NOT Eat at STK (UPDATED)

BREAKING: Morrissey Did NOT Eat at STK (UPDATED)

ABOVE: A paparazzo captures Morrissey arriving at STK The Belmont on La Cienega, Monday, April 14. What is that, a Jag? Aston Martin?

UPDATE: Our resident TMZ-enthusiast Sung comments that according to his press reps, El Mozzerino did not visit STK, but was in fact dropping in on The Belmont near it on La Cienega. Nice to see the former LA resident opting for the available free after-hours meter curbside parking instead of going with the valet. No comment from them on the make of car he arrived in, nor the brand of those jeans.

Certainly no stranger to the dining offerings of LA, why ol’ Mozzer would patronize a restaurant known primarily for its steaks and a house speciality of foie gras French toast is somewhat puzzling.

Dude looks in decent shape for coming up on 49 (admittedly the quiff is a bit depleated these days) but seems like he’s dressing like every other Hollywood club douche these days. Are those Diesel jeans?

The good news, though, is that he demontrates to young ladies some pointers on how to minimize crotchal exposure on the standard emerging-from-car paparazzi crotch shot. See how he emerges one leg at a time so as to not angle one’s crotch to the photog? Furthermore, he angles his left hand strategically to block the crotchal region.

Shot pulled from Contact Music. Full set here.