Does it Offend You, Yeah? + Yo Majesty @ El Rey Thursday May 2 2008

DIOYY: Best 30 minute set I have ever seen. Also, possibly the only 30 minute set I have ever seen. DIOYY stuck with the harder songs from You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into, including Weird Science, Battle Royale, With a Heavy Heart (I Regret to Inform You), and hits Let’s Make Out and We Are Rockstars. I did not see them at Coachella so I don’t know how this set compared, but it was loud, fun, and I would definitely see them again. Just as Wolfmother was the closest I will ever come to seeing Led Zeppelin, I think DIOYY is the closest I will come to seeing DFA 1979.

Yo Majesty: I don’t really like their sound, but it was impossible not to have fun watching Jwl and Shunda perform the shit out of tracks like Kryptonite Pussy and Club Action. The first I ever learned of Yo Majesty was from this very site (here); sadly, this show did not contain any exposed breasts or Mr. T dolls. But it did contain a lot of energy and two cute lady breakdancers.

Crowd: Young and very polite. DIOYY had more people there than Yo Majesty. I can see DIOYY successfully playing larger venues, but I think Yo Majesty should keep it small and sweaty.