To Do Saturday: GLOW @ Santa Monica Pier (7pm-7am)

glowNo plans this Saturday? Lordy! Get thee to the World Famous Santa Monica Pier for GLOW, an all-night art-and-sound extravaganza free to the public. Dublab, Machine Project, KCRW DJs Garth, Raul and Jeremy Sole, our buddy Karyl Newman and a slew of additional international audio and visual artists of note will be out in full force from dusk ’til dawn, transforming the traditionally tourist-, corn dog- and seagull-choked pier area into an artistic wünderland (albeit one with slight, unmistakable yet not altogether unpleasant whiffs of tourists, seagulls and corn dogs) for some 12-odd hours. So what’s Karyl up to Saturday?

Using the stairs that connect the north side of the pier to the beach, Newman will place LEDs under the stair treads and program them to change color and rhythm in response to changes in the tide.

Count me in and do let me top off your mushroom tea, my good sir. Meantime, what’s Machine Project up to across the way?

Ferris Wheel Orchestra
A 3-part musical composition/cycle for brass, winds and percussion to be performed from the baskets of the ferris wheel. The first part will be performed at 8:30 PM, the second at midnight, and the final part at 5:30 AM on July 20th.

Totally not for me. Any poets?

Poetry Boat
A boat with three poets (Joshua Beckman, Anthony McCann and Noelle Kocot) will anchor at some distance offshore on the south side of the pier. On the beach, a site will be established to allow telephone contact between visitors and the boat. Visitors can request personal poetry readings that will be delivered from the boat.

Ok I’ll be there. Look for the man with a beard.

» Glow @ Santa Monica Pier Sat Jul 19
(Did we mention dublab?)

Did You Know?
GLOW is the only overnight event to have ever received permission to use the historic Santa Monica Pier. Make it count.

Defamer interviews Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Manager Jessica Cusick regarding the origins of GLOW and what you should not miss, here