King Torta Dismayed at Teenage Daughter's Perceived Lack of Interest in Son of King Taco

King Torta Dismayed at Teenage Daughter’s Perceived Lack of Interest in Son of King Taco

Above: Prince Taco, scoundrel; eligible bachelor and heir apparent to the throne of Taco

TORTA, LOSANJEALOUS (Losanjealous):: Trouble brews in the east — in the form of the King’s teenage daughter. As torchlight flickered the walls of the [Valley Boulevard] kingdom’s great tapestry-laden stone hall evening last, the reknown patriarch was overheard spluttering “You Shall Do What Is Best For Your Kingdom First And Foremost — I Will Have No More Of This Talk Of That….Commoner, Cactus!” The King then stormed out of the room, escabeche robes fluttering in his wake.

“It is Cactus, No Scoundrel Son of Taco, That Be the Food of Love!,” returned the princess.

“I shall grant thee then excess; that surfeiting, the appetite may sicken, and so die,” grinned His Majesty conspiratorially and wickedly to no-one, rounding the corner of the stone hall, jalapeño sceptre clattering.

Repeated comment calls to Burrito King, father of three and supreme ruler of the kingdom of Burrito, were not returned as of press time.