Current Status, NoSmell Bob: Green Truck On The Go

Current Status, NoSmell Bob: Green Truck On The Go

From: Bob
To: “ryan”

Somehow the name [redacted] seems eerily familiar to me.
A name with that kind of punch- you just don’t forget it.

I actually managed to get a pretty bad ass job. I’m working for this company called The Green Truck.

We’re all over LA, catering commericals, dropping off lunch, or tooling around in our 2 catering trucks. Yes, Ryan. I now pretty much run the office for a roach coach outfit. But, you know.. one is a Benz, and they’re both giant, green and chrome steel beasts that run on veggie oil and biodiesel. We sling all organic food, fries, and even some tacos. We sell grass fed, Nieman Ranch beef hotdogs, and you can get them ’dirty’ style with onions, peppers, mushrooms, cheese, and whatever else we happen to have in there.

Perhaps even bacon.

There is no organ meat to be found, but we do sell Kombucha. If you haven’t had it before.. imagine drinking a swig of some peach Snapple and then putting the jar back in the fridge for later. 8 months later, you pull that jar out under the mistaken impression that it is the last of your brand new Snapple Peach Iced tea supply (when, in fact, your roomate drank the last one, and moved a box of prunes or some shit to reveal the ancient forbidden death-Snapple) and slam it down in an attempt to rehydrate your hung over brain. The floaties, the carbonation, the taste of fermentation- Kombucha has all that and more. But in a good way. What I am saying is that you need to try the Green Truck. We have got one at the Melrose Marketplace (Fairfax and Melrose flea market on Sundays) and this weekend we will be at the Abbot Kinney festival, I think.

I don’t know shit about local music scenes, off the beaten track or not.


—Original message ——-
To: “bobby”
Subject: Re: Casting

how are you.
item: we keep getting these damn casting inquiries.
like, a lot of them, from numerous outlets wanting a “host” for god knows what.
well fuck all that. i’m sending them to you.
take the ball.

run with it.

ps lets grab some korean food soon.

Green trucks by jojomelons and S and C, respectively.