Historic November Date Draws Near

pasadena paper
Doubtless you knew I was referring to November 9, which is the cutoff date for adding a wish to one of Yoko Ono’s wish trees currently choking the entrance patio of Gordon Biersch in Old Town Pasadena. In a nutshell:

  • You have until November 9 to go to Pasadena, make a wish and tie it to one of the (at this point) heavily-taxed, overburdened Crape myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) shrub trees
  • Your wish will be removed from the Lagerstroemia indica to which it was previously affixed
  • Your wish will be exported to Iceland
  • Your wish will be inserted into a space-age capsule
  • Using a top-of-the-line Nupla™ drain spade shovel (presumed), Yoko Ono will dig a hole and bury your wish near the Imagine Peace Tower on Videy Island, off the coast of Reykjavík, Iceland
  • Somehow, by way of it being buried near the Luxor-aping tower of light, your wish will then be “broadcast” up to the heavens with all of the other wishes


The tower, a column of light emanating from a stone base with a radius of about 10 meters, is lit for two months each year starting on October 9, John Lennon’s birthday, and ending on December 9, the anniversary of his death. (source)

The once-in-a-life historic November date approaches rapidly; don’t delay.

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» Imagine Peace: Official Site (feat. YoCleavage-Inclusive Video) (You may also email wishes here if for some reason you have an aversion or hatred towards Old Town Pasadena, Gordon Biersch and/or you have an allergic reaction to Lagerstroemia indica)