The Last Shadow Puppets, Mayan Theater, November 3, 2008

Last Shadow Puppets

With The Last Shadow Puppets, Alex Turner accomplishes to create music suitable for even the baby boom generation, and in turn further demonstrates that whatever people say he is, he’s still not. Along with Miles Kane, the equally young singer of The Rascals, their album The Age of The Understatement, is perhaps one of the most unexpected releases of the year. On stage the duo bring the same energy they display with their respective bands plus spookily identical voices. Avert your eyes and you would be hard pressed to distinguish which is singing. Somewhat lost in the, ahem, shadows of these two, as well as the marvelous sounding sixteen-piece orchestra, is Simian Mobile Disco’s James Ford who handles the drumming duties. Ford also produced the album as well. And if the resemblance wasn’t obvious enough by their outfits alone, the two sang a cover of The Beatles’s “I Want You (She’s so Heavy)” much to the delight of the crowd. Some reports have a follow up album coming as early as next year.

Full photo gallery and set list below.


In My Room
The Age of the Understatement
Calm Like You
Black Plant
Only The Truth
Gas Dance
Little Red Book
Separate and Everyday
Hang the Cyst
She’s So Heavy (Beatles cover)
My Mistake Were Made for You
In the Heat of The Morning
I Don’t Like You Any More
The Chamber
Time Has Come Again
The Meeting Place


Standing Next to Me