Garth Trinidad Returns to Weeknights on KCRW from 8 to 10pm

Garth TrinidadThe circle nears completion. The one item remaining, as I see it, would be the Joe Frank weekly. From KCRW’s DJ Wire…

Garth Trinidad Returns to Weeknights on KCRW from 8 to 10pm

Starting December 1, KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad returns to weeknights, hosting a music show from 8 to 10pm PST, the slot previously occupied by new Music Director and Host of Morning Becomes Eclectic Jason Bentley.

Garth has been on the air at KCRW since 1996 and hosted a weeknight show, formerly known as “Chocolate City.” His exploration into urban rhythms and soul created a new home for a demographic that wasn’t served anywhere else and he was the first DJ in the country to play both Macy Gray and Jill Scott.

“When I first got the news, I was ecstatic. Jason was a huge inspiration for me to become a DJ and I wouldn’t be at KCRW if it was not for him,” said KCRW DJ Garth Trinidad.

“When I opted out of being on air five nights a week, my wife and I were starting our family. As soon as I stopped, I really missed it, much to my surprise. The dynamic shifted and I missed the ability to break records because I couldn’t play them as often.”

“Here it is, almost five years later, and my kids are a little bigger, and now I have the opportunity to carry the evening torch again. I can’t wait to use this daily time slot to spread my wings as a programmer and sink my teeth into music in a way I never have,” said Trinidad.

“Garth is a confident voice, on KCRW and in the Los Angeles community, and I look forward to his return to the weeknight line up. He has tremendous untapped potential and, with a broader platform, he will have the opportunity to transcend the more specialized mode of his current show. His sincere appreciation of the history of music – where it’s been and where it’s going — will be exciting to hear,” said Bentley.

KCRW DJ Jason Eldredge will replace Garth Trinidad on Saturday nights from 6 to 9pm. On Sunday nights, Nic Harcourt will replace a taped version of “Sounds Eclectic” with his new live music show from 6 to 9pm.

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