To Do Wednesday: Thanks Givends Benefit @ Bell Tower (Downtown)

To Do Wednesday: Thanks Givends Benefit @ Bell Tower (Downtown)

Art and music in the soothing confines of a downtown space

More appropriately, who not? When you shove this many DJs into one three-roomed warehouse it gets difficult to keep track of all of them, but the list includes Peanut Butter Wolf, Vikter Duplaix, Shakespeare, Aurelito, Azul, Anthony Valadez, Valida, Tony Watson, Raul Campos, I&I Soundsystem, Destroyer and Jeremy Sole, for starters. Expect the unexpected.

The Bell Tower, 764 E 9th Place, Downtown

Tonight, 9pm-4am

It is not yet time to make the turkey. Plus, it totally beats your usual pre-holiday Wednesday routine of downing an entire $5 bum-jug of Carlo Rossi table wine while Colbert sneers at you from the Tivo machine.

Art and select live performances may occur alongside the activities of the cavalcade of DJs. Be advised. $10 suggested donation with all proceeds going to (a) DJ Dusk’s Mar Vista Family Center and (b) (mother of Dilla) MaDukes’ battle with Lupus. Read the flyer as often as you like here.

Finally, for those of you at LAX today, our all-digital, terminal-by-terminal airport bar compendium arrives shortly. Hit “F5” every 20 seconds or so until it appears.