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    […] The Highland Park Holiday Parade was as fun as it always is.  For a few hours, Figueroa gets transformed into anytown USA.  the highlights for me were the Franklin band and cheer squad, “Reel Cowboys”, Miss Asia (although it’s kind of a broad term), and the soccer teams.  The lowlights had to be H&R block (seriously, what the hell was that?), all members of the Los Angeles Unified School District (who should be hiding under a rock with the way they’re running the public schools), and a no-show by our county supervisor.  To be fair, anything of driving a taco truck decorated with graffiti art down Figueroa would be getting her panned in this post, but could it be any more obvious how much she takes her constituents for granted?  Nonetheless, being able to walk to this and the Low-Rider Festival remind me what I love about living in Highland Park. has a nicer camera than I (read: one that works), so enjoy their photos of the event. […]

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