Throws In Digital Towel

scenestar_ripBlogging about music “just for fun” is, as it turns out, not particularly easy. Sure it starts out that way, but something happens while you’re busy writing and uploading mp3s. Pageviews grow, pressures mount and the next thing you know you’re shilling concert tickets, securing photo passes and every music publicist under the sun is facebook-friending and trying to slip you an artist they’re working with. Believe it, man. Clell Tickle is out there, he’s your new best friend and he’d love your mention. As such, this week’s announcement that the doors have closed over at our buddies The Scenestar poses two very real problems: (1) one less voice to offer an alternative to the filthy Tribunes of the world, (2) this will inevitably just make the rest of our inboxes that much more stuffed. Fact of the matter is that when one music blog shuts its doors, we all lose. Good luck to Oscar and the entire gang; sorry to see you go. We’ll be interested to see what 2009 brings.

In no particular order below are a few local (Los Angeles-based) music-centric blogs that I enjoy, if you haven’t already found them. Each has its merits and specialties. Feel free to add your own blog or any you feel I’ve forgotten to the comment section.

UPDATE, 2/2: As of January 30, in a move Lazarus himself would have no choice but to commend, Oscar has assumed control at the helm of Scenestar, resurrected the site and will be going it alone for the time being, from the looks of things. Kudos to Oscar for getting his site back up and running; we are all glad to have your voice back and will look forward to seeing what your site brings in 2009!