Losanjealous' October 2006 Commenter of the Month: Oscar

Losanjealous’ October 2006 Commenter of the Month: Oscar

October 2006 Commenter of the Month Award: OscarCongratulations to our October 2006 Commenter of the Month, Oscar. Less talk, more rock–on with questions.

Are comments dying or are they just being born?
I say they come when they come. Sometimes the mad commenting skills just come with the talent within, other times people are just bored and post whatever crap they feel like posting. That’s where the magic lies.

Do you remember your very first comment on any Web site, ever? What was the comment and the website?
It was probably eBay for some Rage Against The Machine concert tickets I won and it was probably something like “Great communication. An asset to eBay. A++++ all the way!”

Of course it would be tied to a show. How often do you see live music?
I try at least once a week. I live in Eagle Rock so it’s a short drive to lots of local venues like the Echo, Spaceland, and The Fold. There’s weeks I have no hearing and dying of sleep depravation because of the constant bombardment of music! It’s always cool to pace it out once in a while.

You’ve got the scoop on so many great gigs. How do you keep up?
Lots of patience and choosing my battles. There are shows I don’t bother going to because I’ve seen a certain band so many times. Those are the ones I usually let people know first. I just keep all the shows on my calendar so I could never say there’s nothing going on on a particular night.

Are there ever tips that are so good you won’t share them for fear of the show selling out before you buy your tickets?
Heck yeah! I found out about that Noel Gallagher show at the El Rey a few days before Goldenvoice posted it on their site. I had to make sure I got my tickets before anyone got their hands on that info. Also Radiohead’s WASTE sale for their last show wasn’t something posted too quickly. I always have something up my sleeve.

What are some other websites on which you regularly comment?
I would say I’m a devoted Losanjealeno. As far as I know, you can’t comment on the Pitchfork sites. Ambitious-Outsiders is long gone so my comments are usually a Losanjealous exclusive.

Pour a forty for the A-O. Now let’s talk about some of your favorite local venues and acts.
I would have to say I’m a big fan of Spaceland, the Troubadour and the Avalon. The Hollywood Bowl is pretty cool, too. It’s hard to really pick one since there’s so many cool places to see bands. The Blood Arm, Moving Units, Silversun Pickups and Cold War Kids are great local bands. I’m really digging the Presets after their kick ass set at Spaceland and waiting for their next show with The Rapture next month. We’re lucky, living in L.A., to be constantly surrounded by good local bands.

Everybody has a single concert they love bragging about. For instance, to this day Ryan will not shut up about how he saw the White Stripes play in front of 20 people at Al’s Bar six years ago. What’s your brag show?
It’s probably the time Interpol played at the Metreon in San Francisco . It was maybe 4 years ago now? It was a small promo show they did before they started touring for Turn On The Bright Lights. Maybe 25 people were there and we got to ask questions after and hang out with the band after. Good times.

How about some other memorable concerts?
I’d like to think every show I go to is memorable but some unique shows I’ve been to were the Dave Gahan show at the Wiltern where I sneaked into the afterparty and hung out with Martin Gore. There was also the Shortlist award show where Bright Eyes, Cat Power, Interpol, The Black Keys, Floetry, Cody Chestnut and Damien Rice played. That show lasted forever because each band played a full set. Conor got spit on by a fan that charged the stage after Conor talked trash about the Wiltern being a Clear Channel venue. That was also the same fan that made out with Chan Marshall earlier when she stormed into the crowd drunk during her set.

In a comment from October 11, you mentored a young concert-goer attempting entry into a 21+ show suggesting procurement of a MacArthur Park fake ID. As a veteran of the L.A. music scene do you have any other advice for the next generation of live music lovers?
I would start by going to the local record shops that are still left besides Amoeba like Sea Level, Rockaway, Backside, etc and BUY albums. The people that usually work at these places have a pretty good idea what’s going on with new music. Music blogs are a good place if you know what you’re looking for. Besides Rodney on the Roq, KROQ isn’t the place to listen for cool new music. KCRW music shows & KEXP online work for me and it should for you, too.

You’re clearly addicted to music. Have you ever committed, or considered committing, an illegal act to finance your habit?
If living off of Top Ramen and riding my bike to work to use gas money for concert tickets is illegal then I’d probably be in jail by now!

Do you feel you could out-comment incumbent Commenter of the Month, (MV)Pete? Compare and contrast your commenting style to his.
I don’t know if I can topple his knowledge on taco stands in the L.A. area though La Estrella in Highland Park can hold its own. When looking for good eats, Pete is the go-to guy. But more than likely I’ll blow out his iTunes playlists any day.

Congrats again on a well-deserved award. Any closing comments?
Yeah, keep your eyes on the stars, but remember to keep your feet on the ground, baby. Scooby dooby doo!

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