Sacrifice Friends for Burgers

Sacrifice Friends for Burgers

Facebook continues its world domination, now using food as bait to reel us onto stalking people, not gently, but with a hatchet. Sacrifice 10 virtual friends on Facebook and Burger King will feed you a real-life Whopper.


It might seem like the “social networking” site that my parents are on has little to do with this… but I doubt it–especially since sacrifices are tracked in your profile activity feed to keep you legit (only one coupon per Facebook account).

I remember when stalking people wasn’t so pretentious. But, heck, for a free Whopper, why not add to the 200,000+ sacrifices people have made to receive 1 free greasy Whopper from Burger King. Install your app and chop all your exes off your list (but not without taking a moment to observe how chubby, ugly, or gloriously happy they’ve become). Or delete your uncles and aunts and cousins and parents and their friends who friended you and…

What’s stopping anyone from creating more profiles to get as many burgers while supplies last? I’ve had 6 already…and that’s just today.

While you’re feeling meaty, why not add some bacon to your web site?