Additional, Arguably Unnecessary Notes Regarding Indie 103’s Demise (And KCRW’s Response)

Not long ago we asked veteran KXLU jock McAllister to sound off on Indie 103’s demise. Commenters had a field day with the article: loving it, hating it, getting depressed she didn’t write the way they wanted her to and so forth. As such I consider that article a massive success. At the time, we also asked representatives from KCRW and Indie itself (RIP) to voice their reactions to the situation. Former Indie 103 Music Director Mark Sovel had no official response for us, but said he’d be glad to speak on air about anything and everything. (You can read some words he gave Daily Swarm over here.) KCRW, on the other hand, has now taken the opportunity to roll the death of the station into its winter pledge drive:

KCRW’s Winter Pledge Drive, which begins Friday, January 30 and runs to February 9, will raise the issue of the demise of radio station Indie 103.


KCRW’s Music Director and host of Morning Becomes Eclectic Jason Bentley says: “It is ironic that only a publicly-supported station can do this kind of music. We need our listeners to send us a message that they will support us, even in tough times. We must ensure that there is a place on the air for this type of curated music experience.”

KCRW General Manager Ruth Seymour adds: “The demise of Indie 103 is the handwriting on the wall for radio stations trying to be a commercial success with an indie music format. Just as the number one news service on radio in the U.S. is publicly supported, indie music too, if it is to survive, must be sustained by its listeners.”

“KCRW’s subscription drive will be a critical test for us, the artists, and the audience.”

KCRW’s Winter Pledge Drive – Friday, January 30 through February 9

Not sure about the “critical test” part, but she may have a point in there someplace. Commenters: Do yo’ thang.

Related: I will also mention at this point, for whatever it’s worth, that KCRW supporters who pledge $100 or higher will get a free Femi Kuti remix CD Jason told me about last November (along with whatever other free swag they choose). Good stuff on that (the parts I’ve heard).

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