Notes Re: Lucent L’Amour 2009

Just before jetting off to Hawai’i (possibly never to be heard from again?), Losanjealous socialite/bon vivant contributor-at-large Glennie faxed in these rough column post-it notes, presumably regarding a recent evening at Lucent L’Amour 2009. We share them with you now: unpolished, unrefined, unbowdlerized. Enjoy.

  • People look like a cross between Mystery from “The Pickup Artist” and the Snuggle laundry detergent teddy bear.
  • One of the early DJs at the Boom Wow stage: Imagika
    Hip hop trip hop MIA flutes black hair bangs glamazon in ewok tent.
  • Marques wyatt in a dj booth surrounded by speaker parts and fronts and tweeters
    House music that draws people to Deep every Sunday.
    Slipped in some tweaked Gangstarr.
  • The kind of music that I would want to rollerskate to.
  • A guy with a gigantic bunny mascot head.
  • That song that starts “this is a journey through sight and sound.”
  • Finishes his set with classic rock song “talkin bout loooove sweet love.”
  • “Without love, where would you be now?”
  • Back over to Boom Wow stage for ztrip. Power keeps going out.
  • Starts with “the loooooooove boat”
  • Cruise
  • Around the world daft punk
  • Adam freeland closes the night at boom wow stage. Starts and ends with under control under control
  • Obama song in the middle (adam freeland obama speak and spell song check youtube!)
  • Crazy party bohemian princess women dancing in the dj booth with adam
  • Patch around sleeve of leather jacket says “say yeah”
  • A girl leans over to him and I can hear her say…
  • “Do you have a valentine?”