Under $10: Simpang Asia

Under $10: Simpang Asia

If it’s your turn to treat, take ‘em to Simpang Asia. Provided that you look up solid directions beforehand (National Blvd goes nuts between Overland and Motor), be ready to impress.

The cuisine is Indonesian, but novices need not fear. The food is absolutely authentic and some dishes are a bit foreign, but I guarantee that you won’t be made to feel stupid (ATTN: India Sweets and Spices – There’s a lesson here). The menu comes with English descriptions and the service is friendly. The place is completely unpretentious and the crowd here gives it the air of a local hangout.

On this visit, I had the Nasi Bungkus ($6.95), a banana-leaf wrapped dish of curried chicken, tender chunks of beef, lightly spiced potatoes & vegetables, heaped on top of sticky coconut rice. I barely lifted my head as I devoured the entire packet of delicious. Conversation ceased.

Oh, what’s this?


All gone

*The last, Flash-less photo is a victim of food coma.

Meanwhile, the ignored Boyfriend had the Mie Tek Tek ($6.25), a street-style fried egg noodles plate with chicken, chopped yu choy and crunchy picked cucumbers. Side of shrimp crackers. It tastes as fun as it sounds.


I’m telling you now – cheapskate to cheapskate – find this place and find it often.

The menu is pretty big – there are also noodle soups, savory small plates, salads, fried rice. There is also a deli fridge filled with ready-made finger foods like dumplings, fish cakes, and fried tofu. BF and I both really wanted to get dessert or another plate to share, but having gotten a look at the other tables, we knew that the portions were big enough to get STUFFED. And we were. Conveniently enough, the 10-seater café is adjoined to a small grocery store, which is stocked with ramen, Sriracha, and shrimp crackers. We picked out some snacks to-go. Paid for dinner and groceries all on one bill. This place rocks!!

Dude on Ramen Package is delightful

Simpang Asia
10433 National Blvd (in the corner of a strip mall)
(310) 815-9075

Simpang Asia cafe front