Under $5: A $2.99 date with 7-11


That’s right. We’ve gone off the deep end dining wagon. This is straight up ghetto. LAist recently did a study of the “fish dogs” at Wienerschnitzels hence it’s only right Losanjealous will now present the $2.99 Big Bite 1/4 pound hot dog from 7-11.

look out for the poster

It’s salty. That’s all you have to know.

On this particular day, the Asian owned 7-11 in Long Beach was feeling damn generous. In addition to the regular small bag (approximately 1 oz) of generic 7-11 chips, I was able to charm myself to a gigantuan cup of 32 Fanta cherry Slurpee as well as the larger 1.5 oz bag of chips. These were, apparently, upgrades versus the regular 2.99 menu. Cherry slurpee was amazing when it first came to market, and it is still amazing this hot summer lunch. There’s no doubt this 300 calorie behemouth of a cup was packed with HFCS, but a partial reason for this insanity was to examine the health impact of an impoverished diet. (By impoverished, I mean myself).

the ensemble

After masticating the first chomp, I saw these red hogs were advertised as Oscar Meyer dogs. Despite Oscar’s stature as #1 selling brand of dogs in America, I have no recollection of how this wiener should taste. Can’t even remember the last time I had a non-Vienna hot dog. Basically, this “review” is useless as a comparative study of a 7-11’s grub against others in the market.


The hot dog itself was salty, with no snap, with nary a resemblance of meat inside the non-existent casing. The condiments are all canned or otherwise nearly inedible. Saving grace was the mayo I squeezed over this pup. Since the mayo was in the chilled condiment counter, it was inevitable the greasy squeeze bottle molested my every single fingers before even leaving the store. Don’t want to think about how many pairs of hands touched that before 12:30 noon. *barf*

Total Damage: $3.67, 921 calories, 53 grams of fat, 100 grams of carbs

Please allow me to apologize for this snore of post. It’s a 7-11 hot dog, I ate it for you, hope that’s entertaining enough.


at every corner near you, USA

– Via SinoSoul.com