Bat For Lashes @ Lucky Brand Neighborhood Social, Third Street Promenade, June 14, 2009


While Third Street Promenade is no stranger to the occasional concert, this was the inaugural date for the Lucky Brand store and their series of events called the Neighborhood Social. Right off the bat (sorry) you could tell this wasn’t a regular instore, what with fixtures-transformed-into-bleacher seating, free hot food & drinks served by store staff, and KCRW’s Jason Bentley manning the turntables. The well-fed crowd packed the rear half of the store to watch an intimate performance by Natasha Khan and Ben Christophers of Bat For Lashes. Mesmerized by Natasha’s voice, the set closer “Daniel” came way too quickly. During the performance the atmosphere inside the store couldn’t have been more quiet, as Natasha called it, “the most polite audience.” It couldn’t have been more opposite from the scenes of the bars on Third Street televising the Lakers Finals game to sports fans at the same time as the show. While on the subject, I wish Nike would come out with products for indie music just to see Most Valuable Puppet versions of Natasha, and, say, Annie Clark or Feist.

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