New  Tortoise Beacons of Ancestorship Drops Today

New Tortoise Beacons of Ancestorship Drops Today

Tortoise @ Troubadour Sat Jul 11

Beacons of Ancestorship, the sixth full-length album and first bit of new material released by the Chicago collective known as Tortoise in five years, out today on Thrill Jockey. Hell of an album. Vinyl version is already sold out, with talks of a repressing! Check out “Prepare Your Coffin” for a taste right now: hard-edged, heady stuff, undeniably Tortoise. The accompanying video by Andrew Paynter + JUICE, can be found here. Also don’t forget the band will be in town at the Troubadour in a little less than three weeks.

» “Prepare Your Coffin” (Beacons of Ancestorship, Thrill Jockey, 23 June 2009) (mp3)

Photo: Tortoise (John McEntire) @ El Rey by Carlie.