$3.50 Bowl of Chicken Pho! Pho Ha, Rosemead

$3.50 Bowl of Chicken Pho! Pho Ha, Rosemead

About a month ago, I wrote up this useless post about a bowl of pho ga which has been around since May. I chose to not divulge this info for “Under $10” due to the restaurant rescinding the offer in early July. Since then, I’ve been asked numerous times when this special will return.

As of last week, $3.50 got you a large bowl of pho ga (chicken) again. We all already think $6 bowls of beef pho all around LA, SGV & Little Saigon are tremendous values, but then, there also exists a gushing review of a vegan $6.50 banh mi sammy in Reseda. This particular bowl of lighter pho, relatively to that banh mi, is the king of Vietnamese cheap.

Is this pho ga that great? Nope. Is it worth some discourse on how to best make pho ga? Nah. But the noodles were filling, the white meat chicken shards were tender (and obviously juicy since it’s served in a bowl of hot liquid), the greens were fresh. There is undeniable flavor of… MSG, but at the end, it really does fill you up, and is the closest to the city of Los Angeles where one can savor the aroma of Thai basil this cheaply.

We’ve also had pho + bun here. All standard fare, reasonably price, no waiting, nothing poked out as spectacular, but hey, if it means not having to eat at Pho Pasteur, it’s a plus in my book. Final note: the restaurant kinda charges whatever they feel like. Sometimes you bill doesn’t compute down to a $3.25 bowl of pho. Pho caveat emptor. Please don’t be mad at them folks, just consider it a water usage donation that goes nowhere.

Pho Ha
8766 Valley Blvd
Rosemead, CA 91770-1712
(626) 288-8801
via Sinosoul.com