The Ting Tings Ready for SNL

Ting TingsNot to shill for the consistently unfunny fart factory that is SNL in 2010, but it’s nicely unexpected to see a Ting Tings get a chance to play that stage on 1/16/10. There’s always that moment on SNL when the host introduces the musical guest–ie, “Ladies and gentlemen, Sting!”, “Ladies and gentleman, Queensryche!”, etc–whereby their tone or pronunciation it’s clear whether or not the host has genuine interest or barely any awareness of the musical act. We don’t know why, but for some reason, we expect the cultural gap between host and band when Sigourney Weaver steps up to say “Ladies and gentleman, The Ting Tings” will be about as wide any.

The Ting Tings photo by Sung 2009 at Club Nokia. See also: The Ting Tings in 2008 at the Troubadour.