The First Chili Cheese Fries of the Decade

Fabulous Char-Broiled Burgers
3301 W Rosecrans Ave
Hawthorne, CA 90250

Weldon Irvine
The Sisters
1979 (1998 Saucerman release)

1pm PST
8 Jan 2010

Ryan migrates east: fries get fatter, prices fluctuate accordingly

Here at Gardena’s edge do I then temper Thursday’s Tustin Timor et Tremor tussle with a plate of heart-stopping fries and mighty bacon cheeseburger. It is as it should be. Welcome, 2010: Thick fries; $4.69/plate. More than a meal in itself; still, Piggies, a chili fry’s throw away, has nothing to worry about per se. Not a true Googie, this Fabulous, but dig that crazy SoCal façade just the same, Dad: booths built in to the outside wall!

Brief notes:

  • Requisite off-duty security guard spotted chowing down. Good sign
  • Cheery, cordial staff
  • As I eat I chat with a few locals about Jason Patric stinking up the Geronimo movie on the telly. Christ, man. Just how may different Native Americans has Wes Studi played, at this point?
  • Novelty machines galore crowd the walls, including one that vends “jokes and tricky toys” (whoopee cushions) and at least two fully-stocked rows of “Cooby Doo Playing Cards” (sic)
  • I do believe that I’ve just shat my pants. More soon

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