Nick Drake Guitar Technique Seminar at McCabe's Tonight

Nick Drake Guitar Technique Seminar at McCabe’s Tonight

NickIt seems like since the mid 90’s popular re-discovery of the music of Nick Drake–Volkswagen commercial soundtracks, echos of inspiration heard in the music of Elliott Smith and Belle & Sebastian, to name a few–the flavor-of-the-month types have moved on. The true fans remain steadfast, perhaps more than a few of which have picked up a 6-string and tried to work out some of his noodling.

As such, an intriguing seminar is set for McCabe’s Guitar Shop tonight, for which tickets are still available.

Veteran McCabe’s guitar instructor and Nick Drake afficionado Amilcar Dohrn-Melendez invites fans and players of all levels to learn more about the late, great guitarist/singer/songwriter and his amazing music. Amilcar will discuss tunings, picking patterns, song structure, and other aspects of Drake’s body of work. Deepen your knowledge and appreciation of this one-of-a-kind artist and the timeless music he created.

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