World Fare: Putting the Fuck Back in Food Truck

World FareDoes anyone else wish we could go back to the food truck gold rush of a mere year ago? When guys would dart out of bars–giving up the chance of drunken hook-ups–in hopes of grabbing one of the last Kogi short-rib tacos. When gourmet food truck culture was not just new to Los Angeles, but it was actually gourmet.

Well, I am happy to report the new World Fare food truck, in Clark Kent-fashion, has swept in and saved the day. World Fare joins the likes of the Border Grill truck in the exclusive pantheon of trucks that aren’t just good “for a food truck” but rather simply good for being damn good.

And, to be honest, it isn’t even fair to call World Fare a food truck. I wouldn’t call it a “bustaurant” either (though its owners do) because, well, that’s lame. But it certainly is an experience. Combining the wonders of South African street food, fine blackboard cuisine specials, Albert Hammond Jr. tunes and the touristic voyeurism of a double-decker bus, it really takes the Los Angeles food culture to another level. Literally.

World Fare

World Fare’s menu revolves around various Bunny Chows–traditional South African hallowed out palm-size bread bowls filled with delicious curry stews. World Fare evolves the chows to also include chili and short ribs. Both the chicken and vegetable “Bunny” were fantastic. The blackboard featured numerous specials including Steak Frites. The three-dollar desserts are as good as anything you can get for more than double the price on Abbot Kinney. Especially the Butterscotch Bread Pudding, which gives the Mozza Butterscotch Pudding a run for its money in the Best of LA butterscotch indulgences category.

World Fare

The highlight, though, is definitely the second story. After placing your order on street level you are invited to enjoy your cuisine on the top deck all the while enjoying the sounds of someone’s well-to-do iPod playlist. This simple combination of food truck, music and a new view of LA (including a little apartment peeping on certain streets) certainly tend toward the romantic.

All this on a sober night. Can’t imagine what it’s like post-Brig.

World Fare