American Apparel Fuses Butt Fixation With User-Generated Content, Declares "Best Butt" Victors, Applauds Wedgies, Tighties

American Apparel Fuses Butt Fixation With User-Generated Content, Declares “Best Butt” Victors, Applauds Wedgies, Tighties

In this day and age it’s practically commonplace to be subjected to shameless, oft-cringe-inducing American Apparel ads while browsing Losanjealous the original content Los Angeles music and culture blog – and several other blogs (we’re told). And as a blog that has to pay for a variety of items like hosting fees just to keep its doors open, we certainly thank the fine perverts at American Apparel time and again for their tireless online support, even as we scratch our heads at their creative choices and silently question the veracity of the documented legal ages of the talent used in said creatives. All this aside, we have no choice but to commend American Apparel for going the distance on their ass fixation of late, ignoring current pesky regulatory immigration entanglements and focusing on what they do best in this economic climate: namely, publish and distribute choice photos of sweet asses to the public at large. This time, they also enlisted the help of the outside world.

Click on over to see American Apparel’s TOP TEN BUTTS OF 2010 (NSFW, as if you had to ask).

Still not sated following the top ten? Browse all 1,364 ready-for-adult-friend-finder photos on the American Apparel site right now. This second link is suitable for work browsing, so feel free to click on through with confidence. (I KEED! THAT SHIT’S PORN)