The Unemployed Eater's 2010 Top 10 Under $10 LA Foodstuffs

The Unemployed Eater’s 2010 Top 10 Under $10 LA Foodstuffs

Ricky’s #2

Mike shares his 2010 Top 10 Under $10 LA bites from over at his The Unemployed Eater:

10. Sweet Potato Waffle Fries at Bru’s Wiffle.
9. Epinards (Sauteed Spinach) at Bouchon.
8. The 8th 1st Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational.
7. Komodo 2.0 Burrito on the Komodo Truck.
6. Butterscotch Crunch Sundae at Sweet Rose Creamery.
5. Chicken Apple Sausage at The Slaw Dogs & Sundried Tomato and Mozzarella Sausage at Wurstkuche (tie).
4. The Pretzel Bun at Hole in the Wall Burger Joint.
3. The #7 (Arugula Cheesesteak) from Bera’s Custom Cheesesteak Truck.
2. Fish Tacos at Ricky’s Fish Tacos.
1. …???

Find out what #1 is along with full descriptive blurbs and photos for all 10 entries over at his site.

Meanwhile, Mike is presently in training for the 2011 Cupcake Challenge coming up on February 5. Revisit his inspiring report for us from the front lines of the 2010 event here. –Ed.