No Small Endeavour

Shuttle Endeavour at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Something is blocking my view of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Dammit

Hell of a weekend to be in Los Angeles. Last night I attended a dinner party for an octogenarian. We sang “Happy Birthday” in triplicate: English, then Spanish, then Chinese. Los Angeles in a nutshell.

Today I saw Endeavour complete its 26th and final mission, roll past the LA Coliseum and turn that final corner toward the California Science Center. A triumph of mankind. It is not possible to gaze at this thing without feeling intensely patriotic and proud. And now it’s parked in Expo Park. I thought Mayor V delivered an excellent speech regarding the city and community. Our fair city, Los Angeles.

Special Personal Note to Luke Wilson: Not sure what you were crowd-filming with the teenager and the skateboard right in the mix with myself, half of Los Angeles, and the baconwrapped vendors as Endeavour rolled home, but I did not sign a release form nor was I offered one. That said, I do hope that I make the footage in my “Obama That’s My DJ” tshirt last worn in 2008 at the Democratic victory party in Century City.

Hell of a weekend to be in Los Angeles.