Battered and Bruised at Bloc Party

bloc party 6Bloc Party @ El Rey, June 3rd & 4th

Before Bloc Party’s 2nd night at the El Rey, fans were exchanging war stories. The audience came out battered and bruised by the overly enthusiastic crowd from the night before and no one expected anything less from the Saturday crowd. But this time they were prepared for the madness – hopefully.

Crowned as the future of music, Bloc Party started the set off on a bad foot. On the first song, the drum kit fell apart, no doubt from the abuse being taking on the band’s current tour. Frontman, Kele Okereke told everyone just to pretend that didn’t happen and the band
picked up right from where they left off. In a second they were back on track.

In a bold move, the 3rd song Bloc Party played was their American, radio friendly hit “Banquet” which initiated a mosh pit, and ended with exuberant clapping and thunderous cheers from thebloc party 7audience. It’s sometimes problematic for a band to top their radio hit, but Bloc Party did it again and at least twice. During “She’s Hearing Voices” and “Helicopter” the room was ablaze with energy.

Kele also took a stab at the scalpers on Ebay, where a third of each night’s tickets appeared. With a passionate”…fuck EBAY,” he denounced the use of the popular bidding site which had marked up prices twofold.

As musicians Bloc Party are no slackers – Matt Tong is a skilled and dynamic drummer that will hold the title, at least at this show, as most excitable to watch. If Bloc Party’s plan is to take over America they are well on their way. Loaded with jerky beats, infectious grooves, cool robotic instrumentation and uncomplicated lyrics nothing should hold them back from setting us on fire.

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