Stallone: Does His Pudding Make You Beefier?

Beefy via Pudding?Ladies and gentlemen – as soon as we’ve amassed $36.90 total (on sale from a dodgy-looking discount site), our little experiment begins. I will order a case of Stallone Pudding and subside on nothing but the pudding until it is gone. Not so much as a single green bean shall I eat until the pudding is gone. I am hoping to make the pudding last at least two weeks, and it is no exaggeration to say that I may very well die from lack of nutrition. The various risks will be determined by the doctors I discuss this experiment with prior to the beginning of the experiment.

The bottom line is that I will live the daily life of a Stallone inasmuch as I can. If that has to include sparring matches with Frank Stallone, so be it. Through pudding I will Stallone Size myself. Along with a team of doctors I will be measuring pudding effectiveness, pudding-to-body fat ratio, general stallone-appearance-generatingness, Italian Stallionness and tastiness. I will ultimately determine if, after one case of pudding (and nothing else), I look like Stallone in either face or body.

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What are you waiting for… Stallone Size Me.