LACMA Looks to Open Strong This Weekend With "Tut"

LACMA Looks to Open Strong This Weekend With “Tut”

Steve TutLACMA joins the summer blockbuster fray with it’s monster King Tut exhibit which opens today, following last night’s opening gala. Photos from the event are here. Who knew Drew Barrymore was into Tut?

Sure, you could go see that little Margaret Killagan thing at REDCAT, but we know you like your art to come BIG.

This Stateside tour of artifacts related to the ancient Egyptian deity Tutankhamun (or simply, “Tut,” as he was known to friends) is being promoted as a “farewell tour.” (Alas, the Rolling Stones have made no such a promise.)

However, after you pay $30 for your ticket (adult weekend price), you might be slightly pissed off to learn that the most identifiable image of King Tut–the gilded burial mask–the very one displayed prominently on all the ads for the exhibit–is not included as part of the show. You’ll be all like, what’s up with that? How can I gets my Tut on proper without the burial mask?! Damn.

Redemption for this egregious exclusion, though, will come from the LACMA gift shop. Losanjealous has learned exclusively that there will be various King Tut-related items that one can purchase upon exiting the exhibit, to remind one that, yes, they did in fact see the King Tut exhibit at LACMA in 2005.

How many times is the following scene sure to play out on the streets of Los Angeles this coming summer:

“I say old chap, I see you’ve got yourself a King Tut t-shirt. Did you perchance happen to see the exhibit at LACMA? Is that 100% cotton? And if so, is it pre-shrunk?”

“Why, yes, as a matter of fact I did take in the exhibit. Hence my donning this t-shirt featuring King Tut’s image, to notify others, such as yourself, that, yes, in fact, I have seen the exhibit.”

“Brilliant! Your t-shirt has convinced me that I must see the exhibit as well. I do hope they have size XXL, as I am a stout lad, as you can no doubt see.”